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With the arrival of these notable smart phones there is a complete change in the life of people. We must all be aware of the situation a few years back where mobile phones where used as a mode of communication, but today with the advent of extraordinary applications the postulated sequence or development of events is been completely changed because today we cannot imagine a life without smart phones for they keep us connected to the world where ever we go. The applications are so innovative featuring new methods advanced and original which have changed life entirely. The applications are custom made and there are lot of opportunities for further development which has given the world a different definition for the users are having a wide range of benefits with these latest state of growth or advancement in the field of software platforms and the applications. The working platforms and the applications which is supposed to be the latest and leading mobile operating system is been particularly designed and developed mainly for the smart phones which are compared to a human which is fully automated. Looking back the last 15 years has come up with a number of Operating system (OS) which includes the black and white phones to the latest smart phones or mini computers. In the industry of mobile evolution has taken place which shows a gradual rise from Palm OS in 1996 to Windows pocket PC in 2000 followed by Blackberry OS and now the happening Android. Each phone is specialized in its own way with the latest applications with a very thin dividing line.Ofcourse apart from the features the other important factor which has to be considered is the cost and the need of each person. Early during the period of introduction of these phones where the features like emails, calendar, music etc. but however now it’s not the same for it is brainier and answer any query because of its latest application. We can even say that it has transformed the way people look at things. The state of physical ease of the users is increased to a great extent where one gets things done across the world sitting under their own roof in a different part of the world. The developers of these Smartphone applications have done an amazing job by bringing into equal participation or equal consideration of features of phone, computer, gaming console, PDA, etc.Above all these phones are designed with the ability to function even when it is on move thus the quality of being suited to serve all purpose well. This ingenious and the novel electronic device has found a place in all the hearts irrespective of their age. The Smartphone applications have not only taken into the possession by the youth but also by the older generation with its stunning features and giving a new understanding to their life. Each application is quite interesting for it is designed keeping various facts in mind. The instagram feature which has social networking facilities has the option of sharing photos online, the users can capture pictures and use digital filters and then share it with other social networking services like Face book and Twitter. The mobile market is been growing with great speed and has transformed the integral part of the working and living way of the people. The smart phones have a commanding influence on the ordinary featured phones and have literally surpassed the rest of the market. The latest research in the field of mobile phones has confirmed that the smart phone market is graphed up very high. The main feature of the Android phone is the Google whereas that of the iphone is the large number of applications. There might be differences between the Android and the iphones each one has seen its own victory in its own special field. Apple is conferred with excellence for its multitasking feature. These phones are wonderful with widgets feature like music and other social networking on its homescreen.There are lot of features which is been compared between the iPhone and Android phones with a fair influence to invoke favoritism. They are highly enriched or ahead in development or progress in various domains like personal information management, Internet Browsing, Email, Multimedia, GPS, e-book reader, social networking, clarity of calls etc.The world is in our palm or at our fingertips, enabled by the trendy applications making life and business to function in ease. Owning a smart phone is no more a dream or that it is only for the upper class people but it has become a need.

The applications are loaded at a much faster rate and get speeded up very quickly. The smart phones are made to specifications like in the Google Play there is an application which can modify the keyboard thus enabling the typing easier which says the next word by synchronizing. These applications of the smart phones works well for the simultaneous execution of multiple tasks or programs under the control of an operating system. Other than a video file any number or even a huge size of file can be attached to an email unlike the phones where even video files can be attached to the emails. The screen of the smart phones are customizable and it has widgets where one get view the details of locking/unlocking procedure, data and battery usage monitors, and other useful options. There are lots of innovative applications available in the market some of which are free and some are paid. The smart phones help in organizing a lot of business venture in the fast moving world. The smart phone applications generate lot of income to this field. The apps market have change radically or fundamentally the way a customer is reciprocated and the applications are developed on a software platform based on the users requirement thus making these customized applications more noticeable or prominent among the clients. This mobile technology has created a storm in this field which is going to be a solution for the future. Even our daily requirements like finding a nearest restaurants including the menu or finding the latest movie in theatres,especially games and a lot more is been possible with the apps.It has become so much a part of our daily workings enabling life to function at ease and comfort. The application features of the smart phone are getting smarter and making you smarter providing us with 600,000 apps and games on Google Play along with thousands of songs and movies. Though BlackBerry devices are very much used by most of the business people because of various factors like high-volume mobile platforms and winsome, it is also getting started to be compared with the iphone which is proved itself for its cool and sleek factor. So it is very clear that the mobile phone industry is more dominated by the latest applications which are proving itself smart both in work and play. These applications are getting even more efficient with the low-cost flip-phone devices. Research and other studies in the mobile phone industries tells us that the latest software platforms gives us a wide range of wavelengths in the computing field and its various application tasks will for sure make it grow even beyond the mobile phone industry in various other platforms. There are software platforms which are cost efficient and one among them designed by the Google has awesome applications in the mobile phone arena thus enabling a new world of Mobile Technology to its customers. They have become an indispensable part of each one’s lifestyle. The latest iphones are modeled in such a way which even monitors the users sleep cycle and studies the pattern or the graph and wakes the person up at a favorable moment. Even before the person is out of the bed they are able to get connected to the weather report to check how the day is going to be. So these pocket sized electronic gadgets with the software applications helps the users to play,shop,learn,work out, capture pictures, locate directions etc.All the latest upcoming applications are characterized with features of enhancement and refinement like multitasking, panoramic view supported by the camera, connecting to social network by sharing the profile. The screens can be altered for the individual’s requirement and also the widgets can be altered. There are face locks for the video chatting in the Google talk. The security feature of the remote wipe allows the device or the system manager to delete the data’s in case of a stolen handset. The security feature of the remote wipe allows the device or the system manager to delete the data’s in case of a stolen handset. The built in GPS feature enables the user to go on a factual trip to different places and sees photo clippings. There is another wonderful application available with Android and Apple platform which is the GroceryPal.Here you can digitally prepare your grocery list which is further organized accordingly and then it finds a grocery store in the nearby which can provide you with the best deal. There are applications which help you in viewing the statements of the different bills you are attached to; apart from viewing it also reminds you about any upcoming payments. These applications are not only used for the people working or the business man but also ladies sitting at home. There are applications for even devising weekly meal plans and the grocery list required for the meal. Thus there are innumerable mobile applications which are developed and designed in such a way to use it for anything and everything connecting to any part of the universe.